How Wreaths of Maine Supports America's Military Families

The holidays are a time for family and friends to set aside hectic schedules and gather together to spend time with one another. But thousands of military families don’t get to spend Christmas together. Husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters -- when someone is away serving their country and can’t sit around the Christmas tree, the whole family feels it.

But imagine that service member, no matter how far away, gathered around a fresh, green Christmas tree grown in America. Even when you can’t be together in person, you can still share in the spirit of Christmas with loved ones serving our country in all corners of the world.

Trees for Troopsis a joint effort created by the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation (the charitable branch of the National Christmas Tree Association) and FedEx. The program started in 2005 and has provided more than 139,000 real Christmas trees to troops serving both inside and outside the United States. The trees are donated by tree farms or the public, and delivered by FedEx to over 60 US bases. They also provide trees for free to the members of military families, so that spouses and children can enjoy Christmas while their loved ones are away. Together, the National Christmas Tree Association, FedEx, volunteers and the donating public, ensure that the spirit of Christmas is kept alive and well in the hearts and minds of our troops and their families.

Wreaths of Maine has created a new wreath, called the "Support our Troops Wreath". The wreath has a patriotic star-spangled blue ribbon, as well as a pair of US flags adorning it. Show your support for our troops by purchasing one today.

A portion of all sales of this wreath will be donated to Trees for Troops, to help send Christmas trees to US service members and their families. Help a military family capture and share the spirit of Christmas this holiday season. You’ll receive a lovely wreath and bring some holiday cheer to those who honor us with their service.
Wreaths of Maine also offers a sales kit for free to all military families. If you would like to sell Wreaths of Maine products for your family or as a fundraiser, please contact us.

Through the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, the National Christmas Tree Association has raised money for other charitable causes, such as college scholarships and hurricane relief. For more information about the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and the Trees for Troops program go to

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